To fellow Florida APWA Members – APWA Award Nominations

WOW! What a year we had last Year! With all the COVID-19 fears and responses and the other turmoil occurring throughout the nation, our Public Works did not stop. They continued to do a fantastic job. Now is the time to recognize the efforts of employees and the great projects they accomplished. 

Unfortunately, we have a short deadline looming on us to submit awards for recognition this year. Our Chapter must have national recommendations to National by March 1st. To accomplish that, we need our Branches to submit your awards to us at the Chapter level by February 19th. That allows us time to review and prepare the awards for proper submission to National. We also include a recommendation from our Chapter with each of our award submissions.NOMINATIONS for the Awards Program! 


Apply for an award now at:

Application is available for download at bottom of the page or contact Don Jacobovitz,
Awards Chair at:

Published by Peter Cavalli, MPA

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