Supporting our Public Works brethren in times of need (APWA.)

Hello FL Chapter APWA Members,

It has been nearly 4 weeks since Hurricane Michael hit Florida and devastated the Panhandle. One of the missions of APWA is to help our Public Works brethren in time of need. The Chapter established the APWA FL Chapter Disaster Recovery Assistance (DRA) Fund after the storms of 2004, including Bonnie, Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne which caused substantial damage to Florida communities. It is recognized these Public Works personnel are often called upon to work extended hours in order to restore essential services to their communities. In doing so, such individuals often put the needs of their communities before their personal needs or the needs of their families.

We want to ensure that our members are aware of the process for requesting distribution from the DRA. There is a form that is to be completed by the requesting agency’s Public Works representative. Examples of goods that can be provided are food and/or water; general cleaning supplies; general clothing items and toiletries; items to assist with temporary house repair such as hand tools, roof or window coverings/tarps, etc.

Not only do we provide relief funding for the purchase of goods for those affected, we also help coordinate volunteer efforts through two committees, Chuck McLendon is Chair of the Emergency Management Committee and Chris Evers is the DRA Non-Board Member Representative. Here is how they are reached for those of you who want to reach out for assistance via the Chapter’s DRA and/or assistance with coordinating volunteer efforts.
Chuck McLendon,
Chris Evers,

As important as these efforts are is telling the story, so if you have stories to tell, please send this information to Chas at for inclusion in the magazine. Attached is the Operation Sister City flyer which is a Joint Relief Effort for the Employees of Bay County Public Works and the City of Callaway (photos attached) initiated by the City of Palm Beach Gardens.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected.

Thanks for all that you do for Public Works,

Amy Blaida, MPA