Florida Intermediate Work Zone Traffic Control Safety Certification

Featuring the 400 and 600 Florida indexes.

Problems of traffic control occur when traffic must be moved through or around road or street construction, maintenance operations, utility work and incidents on or adjacent to the roadway.

This manual establishes principles to be observed in the design, installation, and the maintenance of traffic control devices and identifies Florida standards where applicable. This study guide was also developed to be used as a reference. The general principles outlined in this manual are applicable to both rural and urban situations in the State of Florida.

This Florida course on Work Zone Traffic Control and Safety was specifically developed by the principles and procedures which experience has shown to enhance the safety of motorists and the workers in the vicinity of work areas. It features the FDOT 400 and 600 indexes.

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NoneFlorida Intermediate Work Zone Traffic Control Safety Certification

AASHTO Highway Safety Manual Workshops (HSM) are Here!

AASHTO Highway Safety Manual Workshops (HSM) are Here!

The FDOT State Safety Office is hosting the following Highway Safety Manual Advanced Workshops (4-Days) throughout the State of Florida.  Jack Freeman, P.E., P.T.O.E., and Travis Hills, P.E., are the guest speakers along with representatives from the HSM Central Office Team.   This event is Free and Limited spots are being made available to the Public.  Non-FDOT Staff, Consultants, and Local Government personnel are encouraged to attend.

Design, PD&E, Planning, and Traffic Engineering/Ops Project Examples will be covered over 4 days of hands–on workshops. One office track will be covered each day.  Click on the blue registration links below for registration information and for each day you plan to attend.

Each Hands-On Advanced Workshop (4-days) runs from 8:30-4:30.  Please bring a laptop (work or personal) and a copy of the HSM (If Available).  7.0 PDHs are being provided for this course.

Non-FDOT Staff only need to register through the Eventbrite Registration Links below:

Design – March 27

Rural Roadway, Urban Typical Section, Freeway Typical Analysis


Traffic Eng/Ops – March 28

Lighting Justification, Intersection Improvements, Roundabout Evaluation


PD&E – March 29

Roundabout, Typical Section analysis, Interchange Ramps


Planning – March 30

Interchange Justification Reports, County Network Screening, Urban Roadway Typical Sections


FDOT Staff will need to register through Learning Curve:

Click Here to enroll in this course in Learning Curve!

Registration Links for other sites coming soon. 4/17/2017   4/20/2017      D1/D7             Tampa                 Design-PD&E-Traffic Ops-Planning   5/1/2017    5/4/2017          D5/TP            Deland                 Design-Traffic Ops-PD&E-Planning

Speaker BIOs

John (Jack) Freeman, Jr., P.E., PTOE, has more than 40 years of experience in transportation planning and traffic engineering. He has worked with Kittelson and Associates, Inc. since 1998 and serves as Senior Project Manager for a variety of transportation/traffic projects. Mr. Freeman’s experience includes research for FHWA and NCHRP; traffic operations studies conducted throughout the United States; traffic and ITS design, including signing, pavement marketing and signal design; signal operations and timing, transit signal priority, functional design, including safety, PD&E, and access management projects.

If you have any questions contact: Martha.hodgson@dot.state.fl.us Jeremy.fletcher@dot.state.fl.us Andrew.young@dot.state.fl.us Humberto.Castillero@dot.state.fl.us