Hurricane Irma Preparedness Statement from APWA

Dear Fellow Florida APWA Professionals – 

As the threat of Hurricane Irma impacting Florida increases, we thought it might be helpful to send out a series of reminders on various emergency preparedness, response, and recovery topics.  While we are confident that our state is the most prepared in the nation, please take some time over the next few days to maximize your readiness.

1.  Now would be a good time to clear storm water drains of debris, test emergency generators, and ensure that you have an adequate fuel supply to operate emergency vehicles and generators for several days.

2.  Open up work-orders and begin tracking the cost of your Category B Emergency Protective measures.

3.  Make sure there is an established process for re-entry back into your community so that key contractors (emergency push crews, infrastructure inspectors, etc.) can get in to help.  

4.  Contracts should be properly procured in accordance with 44 CFR Part 200.  Should you be forced to deviate from your standard procurement processes due to exigent circumstances – make sure to carefully document the reasons that compelled that action.  Also – limit the time these contracts are utilized before a properly procured contract is implemented. 

5.  The damage assessment process is critical.  Photo and/or video documentation of damages is critical.  Assign staff that are detail oriented.  Remember that you only have 60 days following your Applicant kick-off meeting to report all damages to FEMA.

More reminders to come in the coming days.  Best of luck in your preparedness efforts.  We know that we have the most well prepared Public Works professionals in the nation.  Should you need any assistance with contractor resources or policy issues – please do not hesitate to reach out to our Emergency Management Committee Chair, Chuck McLendon at 407-353-0342 or

Your APWA Emergency Management Committee

Published by Peter Cavalli, MPA

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