FEMA “The Next Pandemic: Lessons From History”

‘WASHINGTON — FEMA, in partnership with organizations that collectively represent the emergency management profession, released today (February 20, 2018) the second video presentation from the inaugural PrepTalks Symposium, John Barry’s “The Next Pandemic: Lessons From History.”

Barry’s PrepTalk offers lessons learned from the 1918 and the 2009 influenza pandemics. He provides guidance on what emergency managers can do to work with public health and elected officials to implement measures that can save lives. Barry reminds us that “the boss is the virus. We have no way of knowing if the next [pandemic] will be exceedingly mild, or like 1918, or worse.” In 2005, the National Academy of Sciences named Barry’s book, The Great Influenza: the story of the deadliest pandemic in history, as the year’s best book on science or medicine.

Barry’s presentation and additional reference materials are available at https://www.fema.gov/preptalks. This is the second video of eight produced from this PrepTalks session; additional videos will be released in the coming weeks as we look to highlight these important discussions on preparedness The next PrepTalks Symposium is tentatively scheduled for fall of 2018.

The inaugural PrepTalks Symposium occurred last month at George Washington University, in Washington D.C. More information is available on the FEMA website at https://www.fema.gov/news-release/2018/02/13/fema-and-emergency-management-partner-organizations-release-first-preptalks.’

Published by Peter Cavalli, MPA

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