FEMA Seeks Feedback on Guidance Documents

Last week, FEMA’s National Integration Center released three documents for national engagement, designed to provide guidance to state, local, tribal and territorial jurisdictions in preparedness, as well as response and recovery activities.

The three documents are as follows:

  • Planning Considerations: Disaster Housing This document provides guidance on national housing priorities, types of housing, key considerations, and housing-specific planning recommendations that jurisdictions can apply when developing or improving housing plans.

  • Disaster Financial Management Guide This document is intended to support jurisdictions in establishing and implementing sound disaster financial management practices. The document also presents an overview of common disaster recovery funding programs and resources that may be beneficial to jurisdictions’ recovery efforts.

  • NIMS Basic Guidance for Public Information Officers This is an updated document that includes digital engagement and social media protocols as well as provides operational practices to help PIOs perform their duties within the NIMS Command and Coordination structures.

FEMA will host a series of 60-minute engagement webinars to describe the draft documents and answer participants’ questions about providing feedback. The webinars will be open to the whole community.

To review the draft housing and financial management documents, please visit FEMA website.

For the draft PIOs document, go to FEMA website.

Information on the webinars is available on both webpages.

Published by Peter Cavalli, MPA

Local government, public works and training professional - Tampa Bay Training, LLC