FEMA Releases PrepTalk: “Visual + Effective Communication for Emergency Information”

FEMA and its emergency management partners released Claudine Jaenichen’s “Visual + Effective Communication for Emergency Information” today. In her PrepTalk, Jaenichen explores the cognitive biases that impede our ability to make the right decision when confronted with an emergency and shares her evacuation maps that will help more people recall safe routes during an evacuation.

Professor Jaenichen is an information designer specializing in the relationship between design and cognition. She serves on the Board of Governors for the Communication Research Institute and on the Executive Board for the Design Network for Emergency Management.

Her PrepTalk video and additional resources are available at on the website. Additional PrepTalks from the April 2019 symposium in Santa Rosa, Calif. will be released in the coming months.

PrepTalks are a partnership between FEMA, the International Association of Emergency Managers, the National Emergency Management Association, the National Homeland Security Consortium, and the Naval Postgraduate School Center for Homeland Defense and Security.

Published by Peter Cavalli, MPA

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