FEMA Promotes Hurricane Awareness Week and NOAAÂ’s Hurricane Awareness Tour May 6, 2019

FEMA Promotes Hurricane Awareness Week and NOAAÂ’s Hurricane Awareness Tour

May 6, 2019

FEMA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) are continuing their partnership to increase public awareness of the hazards posed by hurricanes. FEMA Acting Administrator Peter Gaynor will participate in the first two stops of the Hurricane Awareness Tour (HAT) in Rhode Island and Pennsylvania – additional FEMA staff will support the other locations. The HAT has been conducted for 40 years and is an integral part of an annual campaign to raise public awareness and preparation for the approaching hurricane season.

The HAT alternates between the U.S. Gulf and Atlantic coast and coincides with National Hurricane Preparedness Week. The FEMA Acting Administrator, the National Hurricane Center Director Ken Graham, NHC specialists and aircraft personnel will provide one-on-one interviews with valuable preparedness messages to media at each stop and meet with local and state emergency managers regarding their specific concerns. This event, which is open to the public, allows guests to meet NOAA hurricane experts, scientists and crew members and get a look at some of the aircraft that help forecasters keep us safe – NOAAÂ’s WP-3D and the U.S. Air Force Reserve WC-130J “Hurricane Hunter.” The 2019 Hurricane Awareness Tour is visiting the following locations:

  • May 6 – Quonset, RI
  • May 7 – Harrisburg, PA
  • May 8 – Roanoke, VA
  • May 9 – Charlotte, NC
  • May 10 – Brunswick, GA

This week (May 5 through 11) is Hurricane Preparedness Week in preparation for the Atlantic hurricane season beginning on June 1. The 2019 Hurricane Preparedness daily themes are located here. We rely on your constituents to be prepared for hurricanes, please encourage them to visit https://www.ready.gov/hurricanes to learn how to prepare before, during and after a hurricane.