FEMA Bulletin – FEMA Releases Further Guidance on Emergency Operations Centers

FEMA Releases Further Guidance on Emergency Operations Centers

FEMA’s National Integration Center released documents addressing the need for flexibility in Emergency Operations Center (EOC) guidance, and EOC Skillsets standardizing EOC personnel qualifications under the National Qualification System (NQS).

As a part of NQS, EOC Skillsets support standardized qualifications for EOC personnel, and are flexible to accommodate any EOC. EOC Skillsets let individual EOC leaders build position qualifications according to their organization’s needs and resources, while building a national vocabulary for EOC personnel qualifications.

The EOC Skillset documents include:

20 EOC Skillsets define demonstrable tasks associated with common EOC functions;

The EOC Skillsets User Guide explains EOC Skillsets, and how to use them to construct EOC Position Task Books (PTB);

EOC Position Task Books (PTB) provides modified language from the standard NQS PTB introductory language, in order to be more applicable for the EOC environment; and

EOC Skillset Blank Template allows EOC leaders to add additional tasks, and make the EOC PTBs reflect the full range of tasks for their specific positions.

FEMA developed the EOC Skillsets collaboratively with leaders from local, state, tribal, and territorial EOCs. FEMA is hosting a series of 60-minute webinars to discuss the EOC Skillsets and answer questions. To view the documents and for additional webinar information, visit:


Please contact FEMA-NIMS@fema.dhs.gov with any questions or concerns.