DHS Announces 2019 Preparedness Grants

DHS Announces 2019 Preparedness Grants

U.S. Department of Homeland Security Acting Secretary Kevin K. McAleenan announced $350 million in allocations for six competitive preparedness grant programs. These allocations, coupled with more than $1.3 billion in non-competitive grant funding (announced in April), total more than $1.7 billion in FY 2019 granted to assist states, local areas, tribal and territorial governments, nonprofit agencies, and the private sector with their preparedness efforts.

Since 2002, DHS has awarded more than $52 billion to these partners. Preparedness grants strengthen our nation’s ability to prevent, protect against, mitigate, respond to, and recover from terrorist attacks, major disasters, and other emergencies in support of the National Preparedness Goal and the National Preparedness System.

The 2019 preparedness grants focus on the nation’s highest risk areas, including urban areas that continue to face the most significant threats. Consistent with previous grant guidance, dedicated funding is provided for law enforcement and terrorism prevention activities throughout the country to prepare for, prevent, and respond to terrorism-related activity.

Competitive programs awarded Aug. 2: Port Security Grant Program ($100 million); Operation Stonegarden ($90 million), Transit Security Grant Program ($88 million), Nonprofit Security Grant Program ($60 million), Tribal Homeland Security Grant Program ($10 million), and Intercity Bus Security Grant Program ($2 million).

Further information on DHS’s preparedness grant programs is available on the DHS website and the FEMA website.

Published by Peter Cavalli, MPA

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