AWWA – Topic: From Nitrobacter to Centrifugal (Versus Centripetal) Force – A Nerd’s Guide to Public Education and Outreach

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Topic:From Nitrobacter to Centrifugal(Versus Centripetal) Force –A Nerd’s Guide to Public Education and Outreach
Wednesday, March 3, 202112:00 pm – 1:00 pm EST(No Credits Offered)
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Shea DunifonEducation Coordinator, Pinellas County UtilitiesSouth Cross Bayou Advanced Water Reclamation FacilityChair, FWEA Public Communications & Outreach Committee
A soil chemist and former Agronomist for a smaller fertilizer company, Shea Dunifon will speak about how embracing (and showing) our nerdiness is helping to influence the public education sector for the best. Secretly, most teachers are nerds at heart and by piquing their curiosity, they can help to share that curiosity and knowledge with their students. And that’s a win-win for our industry introverts and those of us who aren’t public facing for a living. Shea will cover how water industry experts can contribute and influence public perception, as well as how COVID has changed the way we approach public education in a virtual world.____________________________________________________________ 
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