APWA’s Public Policy Priorities for the 116th Congress

APWA’s Public Policy Priorities for the
116th Congress

On January 30, 2019, the APWA Board of Directors voted to approve updated Public Policy Priority documents for the 116th Congress. In case you are unfamiliar, APWA’s Public Policy Priorities are identified, agreed upon, and circulated documents that succinctly explain what is most important to APWA members when considering U.S. federal legislation and regulations. These documents are drafted by the APWA Government Affairs Committee (GAC) in conjunction with APWA Government Affairs staff, and then reviewed and approved by the APWA Board of Directors every two years to align with the U.S. Congressional cycle.
For the 116th Congress (January 3, 2019 – January 3, 2021), APWA has three policy priorities, each with their own detailed, two-sided, one-pager, as well as one over-arching “116th U.S. Congress Policy Priorities” document which provides a summary of all three priorities. The current priorities are:

  1. Transportation Policy Priorities
  2. Water Resiliency Policy Priorities
  3. Emergency Management & Response Policy Priorities
    These agreed-upon policy documents clearly outline what APWA will advocate for in regards to federal laws and regulations impacting public works in the United States. APWA’s Government Affairs team uses these policy documents daily on Capitol Hill, and in outreach to federal agencies and the White House.
    We encourage you to share these policy documents with your colleagues, your chapter, and especially with your legislators. It is important that as many people as possible know what public policy priorities APWA is focused on, what is important to APWA’s membership, and that APWA is the “go-to” resource for everything public works. In order to achieve our strategic goal of being “the voice of public works to government leaders and media” our association needs to advocate for sound public policy and regulations that best support public works professionals in providing essential and high-quality services to millions of people in rural and urban communities, both small and large, nationwide.
    APWA’s Public Policy Priority documents are housed in the Government Affairs section of the APWA website. If you have any questions about APWA’s Public Policy Priorities, or APWA’s U.S. Government Affairs program, please contact APWA Director of Government Affairs Andrea Eales at aeales@apwa.net, or (202) 218-6730.

Published by Peter Cavalli, MPA

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