APWA – Thinking Beyond Asset Management: A guide to public works

Thinking Beyond Asset Management: A Guide for Public Works
Brought to you by: Cartegraph  As a public works professional, a lot is resting upon your shoulders. The work you perform and the decisions you make directly impact the quality of life of your citizens. And, while your residents don’t necessarily know what it takes to maintain millions of dollars in infrastructure—you do. But the hard truth is that many public works departments today are struggling to keep up.
This white paper will help your organization better understand modern operations management—what it is, why it works—and begin thinking about implementing its strategies and technologies to become more effective, efficient, and productive for your citizens.   Download your free guide now to answer questions like:How can my public works crew become more efficient? What asset management best practices should I be following?How can my team make smarter, data-driven decisions about our infrastructure?What 7 traits should I look for in an operations management system?How can my team help build a stronger, more resilient community?
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Published by Peter Cavalli, MPA

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