APWA Florida Chapter – PWX and Florida Public Works Expo!!

Good Afternoon!!! This is your friendly neighborhood chapter president again with a special note today as the Registration for PWX 2017 is now Open! That’s right, if you were waiting patiently to make your hotel registrations for registration to open, you don’t have to wait any longer!  You can register for the conference now by going to: http://www.apwa.net/pwx and clicking Register!  You can also make your hotel reservations through the registration portal.  We are recommending that all Florida Chapter members try to reserve rooms in the ROSEN CENTRE hotel  This hotel will serve as our Host chapter hotel for the conference and will be the location of the big Get Acquainted Party on Sunday night and the after party event following called Club PWX.  It also has direct covered access to the Conference Center and will be one of the easiest to get in and out of the PWX conference.  Registration for the Annual PWX Florida Chapter Dinner is open as well!  This year our Dinner will be at Dave & Busters on International Drive and thanks to the support of our PWX sponsors, we are renting out the entire facility!  This means that we hope all of our members whether you are attending PWX or not, can attend!  The cost for dinner is only $75 per person and you can register online here: http://florida.apwa.net/EventDetails/11642 Finally, please keep in mind that our State Conference, the Florida Public Works Expo is still open for registration for Tallahassee in May.  I strongly suggest all of our members endeavor to attend both conferences.  This year’s Florida conference in Tallahassee will have some great training from state agency representatives on legal requirements and advocacy training on how to better impact public works through the state in the future.  If you would like to attend and have not already registered, please do so here: http://www.apwafloridaexpo.com 2017 is definitely shaping up to be the year of the APWA Florida Chapter!  Looking forward to seeing everyone in Tallahassee and Orlando!! Chas Jordan President APWA Florida Chapter


Published by Peter Cavalli, MPA

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