This Wednesday, the Congressional Conference Committee will begin meeting to amend the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.” This legislation would rewrite the current tax code, and could make drastic changes to financing mechanisms used by public works departments across the country. For all public works professionals, it is critically important that the Conference Committee protect tax-exempt municipal bonds, private activity bonds, and other financing mechanisms used to invest in our nation’s infrastructure.
These types of bonds are utilized by state and local governments, schools, hospitals, airports, special districts and other public sector entities, including public works departments, to provide critical investments in infrastructure and save taxpayer money.
You are receiving this alert because your Senator or Representative is a conferee for the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.” We need you to contact them today and tell them to amend the legislation to remove language that would harm these important infrastructure finance programs.
Write the members of the Conference Committee TODAY and tell them to support public works financing!
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Published by Peter Cavalli, MPA

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